About us

Poggio al Calore

Poggio al Calore is a just born winery. It started in 2019 from the initiative of three friends: Michele Pacillo, Antonio Pacillo and Attilio Colucci. Bound by passion for vineyards and wine, the 3 friends carried out their project with diligence and persistence so to create a modern product that recalls the long standing Irpinia wine culture and tradition.
With the help of the wine maker Felice De Vito, they exploited their acquired experience and knowledge to realise high quality wines.

Passion & Quality

A big effort has been made in order to put to good use the existing vineyards in the town of Luogosano, in the province of Avellino. The 5 ha. implanted with Aglianico and the half ha. of Sangiovese were planted in 2005 and have their roots in the Calore river Valley, to which the winery dedicates its name.

The exclusive use of natural products to protect the vineyards, the clay and limestone soil in which the grape grows, the careful workmanship of the vineyards and the thoroughness in the wine cellar give life to high quality and prestigious wines.